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Chile is known for producing wines of exceptional value. As a new world wine region, with 2,700 miles of coastline along the frigid Pacific Ocean, Chile produces wines that are both fruit-forward and herbaceous, similar to French wine. According to legend, 120 patriots, exhausted after a long, hard battle during the fight for Chile‚Äôs independence, reached the land belonging to Santa Rita. On that fateful night in 1814, these forces of liberty found refuge in the estate cellars. Today, within these same cellars, the award-winning "120" wines from Santa Rita winery are crafted to honor their heroic character. These are young, elegant and fruity wines, perfectly balanced with soft tannins and good acidity — perfect for everyday enjoyment.

Santa Rita 120 Reserva Especial Sauvignon Blanc
120 Sauvignon Blanc is bright greenish in color with herbal aromas mingled with delicate white flowers and stone fruit. The refreshing palate has nicely balanced acidity and a pleasingly persistent fruity finish, making this a light wine that is easy to enjoy. Light, crisp, zesty, and refreshing. An excellent aperitif, pairs well with shellfish and salads. — $5.99

Santa Rita 120 Reserva Especial Cabernet Sauvignon
120 Cabernet Sauvignon is a deep and intense violet-red in color. Notes of red and black fruits predominate on the nose with the touch of spice that is typical in Cabernet, plus the aromas of vanilla, cloves, and tobacco that come from the oak. Sweet, elegant, and smooth tannins lend depth to the well-rounded palate and lead to a fresh, fruity, and juicy finish. Ideal with red meat, pork, spicy sauces and cheese soufflés. — $5.99