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July 27 - August 16





In 1932, Enzo Barbi founded the Barbi winery in the tradition of his family. The estate is located in Baschi, in southwestern Umbria, a winemaking region in central Italy (about halfway from Florence to Rome). From the beginning, he sought out quality in all aspects of his endeavors, and in a short period of time his brand became well established and well renowned. Today, for the Barbi family, wine making is a continuous process of research and experimentation, and cooperation between nature and technology. This family owned winery focuses on indigenous grape varietals for most of their wines.

Barbi "il Ruspo" Sangiovese 2015
100% Sangiovese
This 2015 wine from Umbria is classic Sangiovese, showing a beautiful, deep ruby red color. Its bouquet is intense, with complex aromas of tart black cherries, subtle earthy notes, and a hint of cedar. The body is full and rich with lovely spice notes along the mid-palate. Cherries and dark stone fruit mingle with leather and spice. Pair this wine with strong and savory dishes such as roasts and game, or with charcuterie and hard cheeses. — $7.99

Barbi Orvieto Classico 2015
40% Grecheto, 30% Procanico, 20% Sauvignon & Malvasia, and 10% Vermentino
Orvieto is a blend of traditional Italian white wines, specifically from the area in and surrounding the town of Orvieto, high on the butte of western Umbria. Orvieto Classico wines are produced in the original town and are characterized by tufa, limestone, and volcanic minerality. This white pours a light, golden straw color, and offers delicate aromas of fresh lime and crisp floral notes. It is dry but fruity with a pleasant roundness and fullness of body with hints of almond on the finish. Excellent as an aperitif, this wine will also pair with light hors d’oeuvres, fresh salads, and fish. — $7.99