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October 5 - November 1





The wines we have picked for our September Wine of the Month, Penya, come from our friends at Hand Picked Selections. We have come to trust their wines on a similar level as the famed portfolios of Kermit Lynch or Louis/Dressner or Jorge Ordonez (just ask us about some of our other favorites from HPS). The Penya wines come from the Côtes Catalanes in the south of France along the Pyrenees Mountains. Casas de Pene is a tiny village in the Roussillon region, just thirty miles north of Spain. The area was ceded to France in the mid-seventeenth century and the area is still known as 'French Catalonia.' Here this heritage is celebrated with the tradional spelling of the ancient Château and village cooperative: Penya.

Penya Rouge 2015
52% Grenache 36% Carignan 12% Syrah
This lovely, medium-bodied blend is packed with flavor, offering aromas of plums and cherries with subtle smoky notes. The palate yields red and black fruits, spices, a hint of bacon, and closes with soft, but structured, silky tannins. Enjoy this wine with a variety of everyday foods such as pizza, pasta, and burgers, as well as Mediterranean classics like ratatouille, cassoulet, and stuffed tomatoes. (Don't tell, but it also pairs well with fish!) — $7.99

Penya Viognier 2016
This white is 100% Viognier, and offers an exotic nose of citrus, pineapple, mango, and peach with lightly floral notes in the background. It is light and lively, and very refreshing on the palate with a roundness that can’t be duplicated in Vinho Verdes, Pinot Grigios, or Sauvignon Blancs. Excellent on its own, but pairs well with seafood (such as turbot, sole, or scallops, et al.) and spicy Asian cuisine. — $7.99