Wine or Beer Tastings in your home or office. Host a party and learn more about your favorite State Street beverages. A consultant from State Street Wines & Spirits will come to your location with an assortment of wine or beer, glasses, and assorted treats for a two-hour tasting. Contact us to begin planning your wine tasting now. A StateStreetTastings@Home event also makes a unique and much-appreciated gift, perfect for those “hard-to-buy-for” friends, family members and co-workers.

Wine 101Wine Tasting Focus, and Beer Basics are three popular approaches, easily customized to meet your needs.

WINE 101

Learn the basics of wine tasting. De-code the bottle label. Understand the terminology of “nose,” “legs,” “terroir,” “mouth-feel.” Experience the difference between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Try a cross-section of both whites and reds. Discuss approaches to pairing wines with particular foods.


Focus in on a particular grape variety, a particular geographic region, an individual winery or wine-making style. Comparing and contrasting in a focused tasting will refine your palate and help you develop your ability to understand and articulate your own preferences with regard to wine.


Top-fermented, bottom-fermented? Pilsner, porter or bock? Hoppy, yeasty, creamy? Real beer for real beer lovers. Give your beer-loving friends an opportunity to taste many different brews and learn what gives each one its unique style and taste. No lectures, no heavy lifting; this is the fun and easy kind of experiential learning.

Prices start at $300.00 for 10 people.

Contact us and plan your StateStreetTastings@Home event now!

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