Wine on the River

Listen to Monte Belmonte on WRSI — 93.9 FM as he explores wines with us on his radio show. Our staff and wine-making experts talk with Monte as he learns about wine. Informative and very entertaining!

These are the wines that we have tasted most recently in the Wine Bunker:

October 4: Explore wines from the Loire River Valley, where wines are great and still affordable.
September 27: Cristian Aliaga joined Monte and the Wine Snobs in the Wine Bunker below State Street. Hear how Cristian became a winemaker and what make the wines of Chile interesting, specifically how they found the lost child of Bordeaux.
September 24: Curious about natural wines? Heard their too weird and wild? Try some for yourself as Belly of The Beast, Charles River Wines and Provisions are teaming up for a natural wine dinner Friday September 27th.
September 13: When the weather is cold and hot and cold and hot it makes it hard to choose a wine. The Wine Snobs from State Street are here to help.
September 6: Taste some of the wears of Flag Hill, where they live free or die, with the Wine Snobs from State Street. And learn how pretty much everything that comes off a still is a vodka!
August 2: If Champagne on the regular is out of your price range it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun bubbly for any occasion. The Wine Snobs at State Street are here to help.
July 12: The Wine Snobs talk Stranger Things, Buckaroo Banzai and also wine.
June 28: Certain wine snobs may think this rosé is passé and may be moving towards this up and comer.
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