This Week’s Specials

Here’s what you can find now in our Deli.

  • Sandwiches to order! We welcome walk-in customers but if you can call (413-584-2301 ext. 3) or fax (413-586-3753) your order to us in advance, that’ll speed things up!
  • Pre-made sandwiches, garden salads, deli salads, sliced Boar’s Head meats and cheese to grab and go
  • A full assortment of deli salads in our deli case
  • Boar’s Head meats and cheeses sliced to order
  • Cheeses from near and far in the self-serve cheese case
  • All your favorite cured meats, olives, and other treats
  • Arnold’s meats (hamburger, chicken, pork, Italian sausage)

To order at State Street Deli in Northampton

Press 3 for Deli

SELF-SERVE Steamed All-Natural Hot Dogs 10am-6pm Monday - Friday ($2.75 each; 2 for $5.00)

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast Sandwiches $4.99, Home Fries $1.99

Monday, June 24

Soup: Tomato w/ Spinach (V)

Quiche: Cheddar, Fontina & Colby Jack (V)

Lunch Entree: Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla w/ Bacon, Cheddar & Ranch dressing

Sandwich: B.L.A.T.; Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato, Pickled Onion, Garlic Aioli

Hot Off the Griddle: Southern Fried Chicken w/ Hot Honey Butter and pickles

Tuesday, June 25

Soup: Corn & Bacon Chowder

Lunch Entree: Spicy Garlic Pork w/ Sesame Noodles

Stroller: Bacon Jam Club; Roasted Chicken, Bacon Jam spread, Aioli, Kale Jalapeno Slaw

Hot Off the Griddle: B.B.Q. Pulled Pork w/ Cheddar on a Brioche Bun

Wednesday, June 26

Soup: Beef Chili

Quiche: Bacon & Swiss

Lunch Entree: Roasted Chicken Thighs w/ Au Gratin Potatoes

Stroller: Chicken Caesar Wrap

Hot Off the Griddle: Cheeseburger or Bacon Cheeseburger

Thursday, June 27

Soup: Roasted Red Pepper & Cauliflower Stew (V)

Lunch Entree: Lemon Pepper Salmon w/ Broccoli & Rice

Stroller: Teriyaki Chicken, Pickled Onion, Pickled Ginger, Carrot, Cucumber, on a Bahn Mi Baguette

Hot Off the Griddle: Cheesesteak Grinders with or w/o Onions & Peppers




Friday, June 28

Soup: New England Clam Chowder

Quiche: Roasted Garlic & Tomato (V)

Lunch Entree: Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese (V)

Sandwich: Chicken, Bacon, Ranch dressing

Hot Off the Griddle: Cod Fish Sandwich with American cheese (side of tartar sauce available)

Lunch delivery orders must be in before 10:00 AM

We deliver to Northampton, Florence. Leeds, Easthampton, Hadley and Hatfield ($7.50 delivery charge).

Phone: (413) 584-2301 x 119

FAX: (413) 586-3753


Quiche: $5.29 Soup: Large 16 oz. $4.99 / Small 8 oz. $3.49 Daily Lunch Specials: Sandwiches, Strollers, Entrees $9.95 (unless otherwise noted)

Quiche: $5.29 Entrees: $9.95 Soup: Large 16 oz. $4.99 / Small 8 oz. $3.49

Daily Sandwich Specials: Whole Sandwich or Stroller $9.95; 1/2 Sandwich $5.50

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